April 13, 2010

Blue Lips

So many technical difficulties with this post! Apparently, technology is NOT my friend. But I succeeded and here you have a long awaited post! And if everyone keeps their fingers crossed ( and my computer decides to like me again) there should be more regular posts as well!

There's been a slight chill in the air the past few days, more like what Spring usually is here and not the balmy +15 we were all enjoying; So I went for a bit of layering. It also meant that I could wear these boots that I found at my parent's house. They're my sister's old riding boots and they look amazing! Unfortunately I couldn't actually walk in them (2 sizes too big and they come so high up on my short legs that it's very difficult to bend my knees!) so they're solely for pictures. Boo. 

Blazer: Thrifted
Tee: AA
Shorts, Scarf and Cami: Le Chateau
Tights: Joe
Boots: Found
Bracelet: Gift
Necklace: From the Earth

So I just had to include some photos from the concert and sleep over I had last week! I arrived a bit late at Bronwyn's house and rushed to change for the concert... only to discover that great minds do think alike and we were wearing basically the same thing! Obviously we're just too cool! We had a blast though and it was so good to see her again! 

The next morning she was such a sweetheart and made me blueberry pancakes and bacon before my drive back home! Yum! This is why we're friends despite the distance... blueberry pancakes and awesome alike minds! :)



  1. That blue top (from the concert) looks amazing on you!! Love the color! & that bacon is making me hungry...!

  2. Absolutely amazing books and outfit. I love all those colors together!

  3. Both outfits are so cute. I love the shorts + tights look. I have yet to try it out, but I'm thinking soon...

    The pancakes and bacon make me want to have breakfast for dinner tomorrow night :)

  4. Beautiful outfit, things look very good together. Shorts ar very nice, love the shades of colors in your scarf and perfect lengh of boots.

  5. The scarf is great! I need a cool scarf like that. You know I love boots and tights, and they look awesome with those boots!
    oh, and yummo on those pancakes, Mmmmm! :)
    Looking forward to the art swap!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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