April 6, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

I've had the above song (by Train) in my head all day. This has resulted in me skipping everywhere and randomly wiggling my hips. Slightly embarrassing, but also entertaining (to me.)! 

I wanted to wear something fun and Springish today and I really wanted to wear these tights again before they fell apart on me completely (...not the best of Joe's tights, but too cute to pass up). I put the outfit together and felt that it was too colour blocked so I tied the scarf around my waist (again! I swear, I get obsessive with accessories) to add some print. The ballet flats were a necessity for all the skipping and wiggling I did today too!

Cami, Tights and Shoes: Joe
Scarf (around neck): Le Chateau
Skirt: Urban 
Scarf (around waist): Vintage
Necklace: From the Earth

(I warned you about my dancing today!)
I have some photos to put on here that a local (amazing!) photographer took the other day. The shoot was tons of fun and I have some great photos to promote my styling business with now! I'll try to post them tomorrow so you guys can have a peek! 



  1. very cute outfit, love the stockings :)

  2. so cute- i love how fun these photos are!

  3. your photos are always so adorable! gotta love joe fresh, one of my favorite places to shop!

  4. Your outfits put me to shame! Seriously this one is grrrreat. I'd love to hear more about the art swap! I couldn't find you email address, but you can email me at lucymarmalade@gmail.com . :)

  5. you're so cute!!!! i have the same tights from joe~ :D

    glad to see you're happy smile. :D

  6. I love those tights on you, especially paired with the skirt and the scarves!

  7. This outfit is so pretty and bohemian. I love the scarf as a belt and the tights so cute!


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