April 9, 2010


These photos are actually from Wednesday morning (I know! I'm so far behind!) before I hopped in my car for a mini road trip to see one of my most favorite people, my lovely friend Bronwyn! We went to see John Mayer, with Michael Franti opening, and had a blast! Seriously, I love this girl! I think we could probably have fun anywhere, never mind at an awesome concert! Once I learn how to upload the photos I took from my phone I will show you a bit of the night... it was so fun and we matched (I swear... it was completely unintentional!)

I didn't wear this to the concert, a short, white dress and intoxicated, sweaty people didn't sound like a good mix. But I really did love this outfit! I've had this dress for years now and I still adore it, it's easy and so Summery. I picked up the shoes when I was last in England and I literally squealed when I saw them! They have actual wood platforms and the coolest heel. Love. I was also pretty pleased with how the milk-maid braids turned out. I am not a hairstylist. As you've seen I usually stick to my stand-by, but I was feeling daring (such a rebel!) and had seen these on so many adorable bloggers that I just had to try it. I think there were over a hundred bobby pins in there, BUT they stayed in and looked cool (well, I don't know about that, but it was different anyways!). It was a great day!

Dress: H&M
Cami: Joe
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap
Earrings: Gift
Assorted Bangles That I Seem to Just Accumulate

SUPER awkward photo, but I liked the lines in it and it showed the outfit well... just ignore the snarl on my face! :)

Also, sorry about the lack of posts! When I started this blog I had the very best intentions of posting everyday (or atleast 5 times/ week) but it seems that there are not enough hours in the day! I need to come up with a better routine, maybe early morning photos? What do you guys do that works, any tips? 

Anywho... enjoy the fresh Spring air and have a lovely day!


  1. looking divine in white!! love your shoes~ :D

  2. I love the white dress! I don't know what it is about white, summer dresses, but they are always so amazing and breezy. Shoes are so cute as well. I want to hunt a similar pair down for summer.

  3. Loooove your brown accents and your peacock earrings!

  4. lovely shirtdress and very cool shoes!


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