April 28, 2010

Window Shopping

I'm feeling a little blah today so instead of a regular outfit post (currently I'm rocking the uber cool hoody and sweats look) I figured I'd post some photos of items that I am seriously lusting after. Most are out of my price range (Hi! Chloe!) but it's always good to be prepared for when you win the lottery!  

Fenton and Fallon for J Crew Necklace; Chloe "Louise" Satchel (I mean, Come on! It's my name... I have to have this! )

Clockwise: Floral Romper; White Skinnies; Floral Chiffon Dress; Tan Sandals All from Top Shop

Chiffon Printed and Pleated Mini; Lace Blouse with Back Zipper Detail Both from Anthropologie

Augh, I really would love to go shopping! Maybe these window shopping posts aren't the smartest thing. I'm heading to Montreal for a few days in June so I'm trying to save for that, I've never been and I'm so looking forward to it! I've heard only amazing things about the gorgeous city.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. I love montreal!! It's the only really big city that's within driving distance from here (about 8 hours) and I've gone the last few summers and plan to again this summer! Be sure to check out Boutique Olivia, it has the cutest dresses and most things are only $30-$50! I was in heaven! It's a little hard to find (in the underground mall) but so worth it!! http://boutiqueolivia.com

  2. Oh if only we could all win the lottery. :) I love the silver necklace and the brown sandals! I love the white skinny jeans and just bought a pair, but it's cold and rainy here and I'm dying to wear them! Hope you're having a great day.


  3. Montreal has such a European flair.
    So sorry you are feeling "Blah"...
    The yellow dress is ver pretty. Reminds me of the rays of the summer sun;-) Here's wishing you a nice and sunny Thrusday. x

  4. I want that yellow dress! and that last top is adorable!

  5. Love the last top! the lace is really pretty and i like the blue finishing. :)


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