April 16, 2010

Come Together

It's gorgeous, bright and sunny outside! Gone are the blustery and rainy days of the past week so I'm feeling daring enough to show a tiny bit of leg (so scandalous!). Actually I probably should've shown a bit more leg... it's HOT out! It's supposed to stay like this all weekend too, so stay tuned for some sans sweater posts (yipee!).

This is the easiest dress to wear, and super versatile. I bought it on a whim when I worked at Le Chateau (hence all the Le Chat pieces I have) thinking that I would really only wear it that weekend. I was so wrong. It's probably the most reused piece in my closet; dress, skirt, top, you name it. The poor thing probably has an identity crisis. I really wanted a denim jacket to throw over it today but alas, I still haven't found one that I love so I had to settle for this denim shirt. Same feel, maybe not executed as well as the jacket would've been though. 
Dress: Le Chateau
Shirt: (Old) American Eagle
Belt: Gap
Hat (love!): American Apparel
Socks: Joe
Shoes: Thrifted 

Anyways, it's the weekend now. So go outside... play, search, discover, have an adventure! 



  1. Ahh, thee Hat! Love.. looks cute with the socks..

  2. I LOVE IT!

    You worked at Le Chateau? I LOVE that store - such great finds, but the pricing can be expensive - however, it's great.

    I love seeing people's thrifted items!

    Just came across your blog this morning and am LOVING it! Not often I find a blog I will follow immediately, but yours fits the bill :) YIPEE!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  3. I love that your hat and your socks are two shades of taupe. You look perfectly put together, as always!

  4. Hey! Just came across your blog and your outfits are so cute!

    I'm following you now ;)

  5. I just love your knee socks with this,and the hat makes it fashionable!!You have great style!!

  6. So so cute! I love the knee socks with the flats - it definitely adds that extra style!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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