March 14, 2010

California English

No, I didn't actually wear this exact outfit outside today...I did not want to get another cold! I threw on some violet full tights (and a scarf and coat!), but this is how I wanted to wear it. I'm really liking the whole neutral and subdued thing going on this Spring and wanted to create a grey/lilac outfit to start playing with the trend. 

Cardigan and Socks: Joe
Shirt: Costa Blanca
Shorts: Le Chateau
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Accessorize

As for the business, well... I can start on Monday! Yay (*happy dance*)! I got the go ahead on Thursday, which worked well because I also found out about a little trade show going on the next day that had an opening! So I hustled as fast as I could and got all my stuff together to be there for Friday. And that's how I spent my Friday... networking and handing out brochures like a Tasmanian devil! It was awesome! 

Spring hasn't really sprung here yet, but it's getting close. The snow is melting bit by bit and it's in the pluses all week! Soon I'll be able to commit the most horrendous fashion crime ever by wearing socks and sandals (that's grey silky socks and platform sandals a la Burberry to clarify)! I cannot wait! I'm also on the prowl for vintage floral dresses to complete the outfit, lately I only want to wear dresses with socks and sandals. Do you ever become obsessed  with an outfit and anything else you wear just seems not good enough? Yeah. That's how I feel. It happens a lot! I think it's called outfit lust.


(Hehe I'm slightly evil. My poor, poor cat!)


  1. You're cat does not look impressed! I really like this look though, so simple and pretty! And I also can't wait to wear socks and sandals. Burberry is awesome!

  2. aaahh you're so adorable all the time!!! :D glad to hear that things are doing well for you!

  3. That necklace is so funky! Adds the perfect touch to the outfit and I love your t-straps. so good! :)

  4. T-straps make me swoon. You look lovely, and I'm with you, neutrals are very appealing right now. I love your chunky necklace, too!

  5. I LOVE that necklace! It reminds me of the top that the Delightful Dozen is styling right now! The gray color scheme is perfect!

  6. wow - a fellow manitoban! so rare!
    lovely blog!


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