March 4, 2010


Eek! I have no idea how I pulled this off, usually I'm a crap thrift shopper, but I just had the best shopping trip! Seriously. A cropped (fake) fur coat, floral print scarf, lace necklace, pearl necklace, nude satin skirt/dress ('s an awkward length on me as a skirt, but I think it will be adorable as a dress with a brown belt), an adorable peasant top and a Pierre Cardin (!!) garment bag. All for......$15.75!! Can you believe it? When the lady told me the total I just kept my mouth shut, handed over the money and then hustled out of there before the alarms sounded...I must've been stealing something for that price!

My heart actually skips a beat when I look at this garment bag! I'm a huge fashion history buff (yes, it's a real thing!) and Mr. Cardin was such a revolutionary designer. I have no idea when I'll use it, but it was $3.00 so who cares! I have a huge spring in my step now and will be floating around for awhile. I'm also going to an art opening tonight for my art teacher from last year, his work makes me as happy as Mr. Cardin's so I will be one happy lady all day!



  1. that's pretty awesome!!! :D i love the fur coat!!! :D

  2. Amazing finds!! I love how cheap thrifting is.. people who don't thrift are crazy!

  3. I love that faux fur, it is simply stunning... Nice combination with the preppy skirt!!!!

    Thrift lovers unite ;0)


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