March 18, 2010

The Way We Get By

It's a flustery blustery day so I had to move today's pics inside after about 10 shots due to a few close calls involving said wind and my lovely camera/tripod. I guess it adds good atmosphere to the photos though....maybe? Regardless, I love this dress. It has saved my butt in many style panics because you can look pulled together with little (ok, zero) effort. It's also really comfy and versatile and I think I even found it on sale! 

Jacket: Costa Blanca
Shirt-dress: Gap (super old)
Cami: H&M
Tights: Joe
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Vintage:
Necklace: From the Earth

I'm getting my website designed today and I'm really pumped about it, I'll give the link when it's up and running! It's been an awesome week... actually things have been looking up all Spring (and it hasn't even officially started yet, how awesome is that?!).  Apparently it's supposed to snow today though. Pfft.. it's Spring in my head!



  1. Love your outfit! U look so pretty!

  2. good luck with your website =] i'm in the process of making one myself for my headbands.

    as always you look great!

  3. Very young and chic look!

  4. really cute! I am really liking the shirt dress, and those tights are awesome! Great shots!

  5. love those tights!!! omg, it was snowing last night!!

  6. Dotted tights and a shirt dress... I think you wearing all my fashion crushes!

  7. I just commented on this outfit on chictopia, but after I came to your blog I had to comment again - I LOVE your blog, definitely going to become one of my daily reads! your outfits are adorable!

  8. your red coat in this set is adorable. and i LOVE that you're canadian too!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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