March 27, 2010

White Sky

I had been so good the last few months with not buying any new clothes. No joke, I had spent a grand total of $15.75 (Thrift store, last month) in 2 months and was feeling pretty awesome about "shopping my closet". Then I stumbled across this little beauty of a dress and blew my record! But it's so pretty, and it was only $16 so really not even that bad, right? Right.

I've kind of been drooling over florals for a few months now and all my self control went out the window! Geeze! But I highly recommend buying one as it's the easiest way to feel sunny and cheerful. No one could be unhappy in a dress like this!

Dress: Winners
Tights and Belt: Joe
Boots and Scarf: Le Chateau
Assorted Bangles

I think the website for my styling business will be up next week (yes, there will be a link!) so I've had a spring in my step the last few days. Apparently it doesn't take much to get me super excited! But it really is just such a great feeling to actually take your life into your own hands. I've always been kind of go with the flow and it's such a feeling of freedom to take charge and do something I want to do! 

I'm keeping this short though (I could ramble about this subject FOREVER) because I'm baking some lovely little red velvet cupcakes. Yum! 



  1. Such a pretty dress! And great job with the not shopping, I need to learn from you, I have been going a little nuts lately... any time the season changes I want to buy everything in sight! I don't blame you for buying this dress though, super cute!

  2. You look sooooo pretty and cheerful in this! love the yellow belt with this dress :)

  3. The floral pattern will make it a good transitional dress, so I say, all in all--a worth it "splurge"! (though $16, as you say, is not bad, not bad at all!)

  4. This dress is so fantastic for spring! I love the belt with it. Such a happy outfit!

  5. Sassy! Love the outfit! Yay for red velvet cupcakes! Can't wait for your website to be up and running! Have a fantastic day!

  6. Louise,
    I love this watercolored dress!!!!!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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