March 4, 2010


So, as I'm sure you've realized, I had to push back the start date for the styling business... I guess I was being a touch too optimistic with the system! The hold up is for a grant that I'm applying for. The amount of paper work that you need to fill out even to be considered is taller than me! It will totally be worth it in the end though so I'm trucking through it, it just means that I don't think I'll be styling anyone till late March!

On to happier things though... how awesome is this coat? I feel so dramatic in it, I might just start calling people "daaahling"! As for the rest of the outfit, I wanted to look preppy and simple. This skirt is a touch too big and long on me so I made it have the "paper-bag" waist by belting it. It worked really well, though looking back I wish I'd found a belt to cover up the skirt's buttons...hmm c'est la vie. I've been trying the whole "shop your closet" thing by not buying anything and I've been pretty good (with the exception of the earlier thrifting...but really, $15 doesn't count!). It's actually quite amazing what you can find in your closet, and you get an awesome thrill knowing that you haven't spent anything and you still like what you're wearing!

Faux Fur Coat: Thrifted!
Shirt: AE (eons ago...)
Skirt: Banana Rebuplic
Belt: Vintage
Boots and Feather Necklace: Le Chateau
Blue Tights and Cami: Joe
And to answer a comment from last post: Joe is the clothing line at a Canadian supermarket called Superstore. It's VERY cheap and cheerful!

I also can't believe how much I'm loving blogging! I started this blog on a complete whim not realizing quite how awesome the community is and how nice other people/bloggers are. I look forward to taking photos everyday and it's exciting to try and find new outfits! I'm not too great with computers, but I'm learning and hopefully this blog will just keep getting better and better.


  1. yay!! i love joe!!

    loving this blue and khaki combination!! :D

  2. I agree with the above comment--the khaki and blue look great together, probably because khaki has orange tones and complements the blue. Orange and blue tones are probably my favorite combination, ever. You look great!

  3. I adore how all-American this looks -- you can pull that off so well! I'm so envious! I only ever look like a homeless gypsy. :) Your blog is lovely, by the way.


  4. I love the tan with the blue! Great combo!!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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