March 30, 2010

How We Operate

I am actually sitting outside writing this in just jeans and a tank... not exactly stylish but come on, it's March! In Manitoba! I also just ate a cupcake and got to play dress up all morning, needless to say it's been a pretty lovely day! 

To be fair the dress up technically counted as work... It's still in the works but I have a mini project that I'm doing on tomorrow. You'll definitely get to see the photos soon! 

I went over to my parent's house yesterday and decided to take my photos there, it seemed to go with the rugged look of the shorts and boots. It was tons of fun and so secluded out there that I actually didn't feel self-conscious... hence me reverting to a 10 year-old and climbing fences and trees! 

This outfit was perfect for yesterday, bare legs and all! I'm in love with shorts and knee highs, this scarf has such a lovely print and I managed to incorporate both rocker studs and lady-like pearls. Yes! 

Cardigan and Scarf: Thrifted
Cami: Costa Blanca
Shorts: Le Chateau
Boots: Aldo
Socks: Joe

Now I'm off to do a bit of grocery shopping, steaming (yes, I caved and bought one!) and possibly even a bit of accounting! That's right... it's all rock and roll over here! BUT I still maintain that it's a pretty awesome day! I hope you have a lovely one as well...


(p.s. Despite what it may look like in some of these photos... I do infact have both my arms!)


  1. this is adorable, and it looks like you were having so much fun! Looks like a gorgeous day too!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wish! It's not until Thursday, I'm just getting spoiled a little early this year! LOVE the look of the socks with the boots, very cute! And envious that you are able to wear bare legs! Still too chilly here.

  3. Perfect-o boots! Especially with the socks.

  4. Fun loving photos!

  5. love!! I love those socks underneath the boots..great look. x

  6. I love this look! The socks peeking out of the boots is perfect - and I'm loving the scarf! Perfect spring look!

  7. Boots, socks, shorts, ranch... all perfect.
    I'm sorry I thrifted all the good stuff out of Manitoba last week... I forgot all I learned about sharing.

  8. This outfit is soo amazing! I love your Style really much! Keep it up :) Biggest Greetings Luci :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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