March 23, 2010

Love Like a Sunset

While looking through the recent Lucky I stumbled on Gap's new ad for the denim on denim trend. Now, one thing you should know about me is that I'm a huge sucker for ads. Gasp! I hate even admitting that! In this modern world we're taught to be discerning and critical with ads due to the sheer number of them out there. For the most part I really am but when it comes to fashion and beauty ads.. I go weak at the knees and my self control walks out the door!

So, yesterday I set out to create my own version of the denim on denim trend. I really wanted to wear this with a denim bustier... but I don't have one! What I did have though was this sweet white blouse that hadn't been worn in a while. I guess it throws the denim and denim off a bit, but I still like how it turned out! Maybe I'll do a little thrifting and see what denim I can come up with and then try again! If at first you don't succeed.... go thrifting? 

Shirt: American Eagle
Blouse: Joe
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Liz Claiborne (...seriously)
Belt: Vintage
Earrings and Bangle: Le Chateau

Yay! It's getting warmer out! I even ventured to my front yard for pictures as I wasn't freezing, so exciting! I then had a small siesta on my deck (terrace? Patio? I really don't know what the correct term for a cement slab is!) and soaked up a bit of the gorgeous sun. Have a beautiful day and I hope you're enjoying the sun as well!



  1. You look adorable! and yay for venturing out! ;) I took a nap today too, but it was partly because I was freezing..even if it is sunny out. I dunno, my house just stays cold..but I'm glad of that once summer sets in.
    Anyhow, I'll quit rambling and just say... the casual yet chic outfit it great! really pretty blouse and love it with the belt :)
    Now, what can I come up with for my daily shoot, hmmmmmmmm :D

  2. love your take on the denim on denim trend! can pass up as an ad for sure! :D

  3. I like your interpretation of the trend. Breaking it up with the white shirt makes it very fresh and summery!



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